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The scarf and Christmas themed dress are the rewards for female players that completed the challenge.

The event will start when you talk to your agent in his office, he will tell you that it's the time of the year for holiday specials, he tells you that Rising Star studios have some TV specials planned that are for charity and will pay well.

The event runs from 23rd December to 26th (tbc), the more specials completed, the better the rewards. With an exclusive item if you finish all 4 before December 26th. For this event, your friends can send you items to help you with finishing the holiday specials.

Although it is very difficult to complete the four 24 hour projects within 4 days, it is possible. After which you will receive such as the one in the picture.


1st Special - "A Non-Denominational Special"

Line 1: It's that wintry time of year, when you see family you otherwise never speak to.

Line 2: Merry whatever it is you happen to be celebrating!

2nd Special - "Rockin' Around thhe Aluminum Pole"

Line 1: We'll just use this aluminum pole then.

Line 2: It'll be for the rest of us.

4th Special - "A Mighty Magical Holiday"

Line 1: If only the dragon would awake before Santa arrives...

Line 2: The imps have gotten into their "special" egg nog again...