You start off this quest in the Neighborhood where you'll meet your rival. They'll tell you that even though you beat them in becoming the most popular on Facetome, they still think they're a better actor than you. They will then proceed to challenge you to get more 5-star ratings on sci-fi films than them, if you win you'll get more cash and experience, if they win, they get your role in the Star Battle film.


In the conversation with your rival, you are given the option to accept or deny their challenge. Then you are asked how many sci-fi films you think you can get a 5-star rating on (the more you pick, the more experience and cash you get). For this option, you cannot choose 1 as your rival will mock you and make you reselect the number of films to get 5-star ratings on. (the other options are 2 and 4)

After you complete the challenge, go back to the Starbeans and your rival will rant about how they can't believe you beat them and say that they hate you.


Star Battle: The New Empire (Property of Hills Movie Studio)

Line 1: Something has come from the shadows of the Empire

Line 2: And threatens an entire galaxy. One that's not too far...

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