Your agent will call you up and tell you that Edward Hacker has a new war film he wants you to star in called "Apocalypse of Darkness" and offer you the chance to work with him. He will go on to tell you that Hacker is really into realism and that this part requires a bit of extra work on your part, which is to meet with Colenel Kilgore - an ex-SEAL that's a little unorthodox - for some combat training. He will also mention that a client has quit a project because of this 'training' before. He will tell you to meet Kilgore at The Leaky Cantina as he likes to get "napalmed'.

After this conversation, your quest will update to "Napalm in the morning" (completing this section will get you 10XP). When you meet Kilgore, he will say he will "whip you into what will pass as shape" for the movie. The first thing he asks you to do is get a haircut that is 'nice and short' (Quest update: Buzzz), and then he'll do weapons training with you by the jukebox (Quest update: Bootcamp lite).

'Buzzz' - Just get a short haircut, easy enough. Gets you 10XP.

'Bootcamp lite' - Weapons training and Learn NATO phonetic alphabet (the quest log will tell you that you need to go to the jukebox and arcade machine respectively to do so). Gets you $24 and 40XP.

After those two short quests, you will find Kilgore outside who will tell you that you're more ready than half the boys that went to "'Nam". Go back to Max and he'll tell you that filming starts in 2 days (10XP).

When you get the call from your agent and go to Hills Studio, the director, Edward Hacker will say that the movie is missing something, you can answer "pho?", "fake blood?" or "noodle soup?". There doesn't seem to be any significant impact on the misson. Just talk to him and get cash and XP for it.


If you question him about doing weapons training in a bar, he'll start a rant (spoilers):

If I say it's safe to train in a bar then it's safe to train in a bar! This is America! This is how I was trained back in the 60's and this is how you're gettin' trained now! By the jukebox, then the arcade machine! Meet me outside when you're done!