Arnie Papadopoulos
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Gender Male
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Occupation Agent

Arnie Papadopoulos comes onto the scene as part Get Representation, where you look for a Talent Agency to sign you up.

You will find Arnie at his desk in Arnie & Associates located on Brockwillow in the Neighborhood. He is your point of contact for all projects unless you change agents. He will give you fairly small projects to begin with due to your fame and experience but will offer you bigger projects as you progress.

Background Trivia

Arnie is a talent agent who works from his office in the Neighborhood. His agency is called Arnie & Associates, indicating he no longer has associates. Arnie is forever making cheese-grilled sandwiches and losing his pants!

Due to the the posters plastered on his office's walls, Arnie's most successful movies appear to be the "Sasquatch with a Watch" series.

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Eye of the Cougar Film Our Son the Ninja Film "The Life Sapling" Get Representation
Good News! Hopeful Romantic Horror Cash In Ordered Law: IA
Ordered Revival Publicity Stunt See Arnie Sitcom Work
Source material The Gift of Gab The Reapening Thoroughly Good
Fine Romance Our Son the Ninja Sitcom Cash In


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

A Surprise Meeting / Ratings are Forever
All righty, kiddo! Good news on the 0707 front: your work has paid off!

The short-list has been whittled down to a short-short-list of just you and Rival!
It seems the director really likes him/her - though I couldn't tell ya why!
So, in order to make the final decision, the director - Susan Mulgary - wants to meet with you. I'm sure she'll be meeting with Rival as well.
Speech ok

Now, here are some things you'll wanna know about Mulgary: she's directed several dramas, including...
the acclaimed "Daughter of a Priest," and "Dark Destiny," as well as a few action films, including "Comborun" and "Deathmaker IV."
She's twice divorced - after both of her ex-husbands, John Strade and Bruce Feland, were caught cheating in her - so don't mention marriage!
And here's some inside-scoop type stuff that yours truly managed to get from an anonymous source:
Mulgary says she's a vegan, but she's secretly not, and hates anyone who is a vegan, and while she claims to love theater...
she doesn't and has no respect for anyone who does; so, make sure you don't hype-up the plays and musicals you've done.
I think that's about it.
Speech ok...

So - oh! - one minute... I've got a call coming in. Uh-huh... uh-huh... uh...huh...
It's Rival on the phone; he/she wants to meet with you... what should I tell him/her?

1. Speech I'll meet him/her
2. Speech I don't want to
1. Why he'd/she'd be delighted to meet with you... uh-huh... okay then... bye-bye!

What a character! Okay, kiddo, you got yourself a meetin' with Rival at The Leaky Cantina.
I don't know what it's about, but good luck!

Speech thanks!
2. ?
Airing Dirty Laundry

Look who's here! My best client. Got somethin' to say?

1. Speech mention (Rival) +2XP
2. Speech small talk
1. Hahaha... *COUGH* *COUGH*, yeah I watch the news, buck-o! Word gets around fast in this town.

No such thing as bad publicity when you're at the bottom of the pile, but we don't want it getting out of hand.

Speech what do I do?
2. The weather? I thought maybe you'd come in to tell me you'd had a public run-in with some local TV actor.

It's my job to know these things, ya know. But it's not my job to help with that crap...

Speech what do I do?

An old, uh... friend of mine is a publicist. Charlene. She owes me a favor or three.

You can find her downtown at Mr. Sushi. Never eat that raw stuff myself, but she's addicted to it. Always with the tuna, that woman. Bleh.
Speech tuna sushi, ok

The bus stop by your place will take you downtown, and it's just a short walk to Mr. Sushi.

She'll probably be at the sushi bar wearing something that looks like it used to be an animal.
Speech ok

Big Break

Arnie is calling...

Come by my office; I've got some good news!
Speech hang up

At Arnie's office

I just got off the phone with Channel 9 - they like you! They even said they may call with other projects! I've never represented somebody that people like before!

That's not all: Edward Hacker's next movie is going into production soon, and a little bird told me they're still trying to still one of the key roles - with someone like you! Bad news is that auditions are any day now.

But I'd say if we play our cards right and get you a few roles between now and then to get your name out, you might have a real shot. This could be the break I've - I mean, you've - been looking for!

You've got a job at Starbeansright? That's good, 'cause you'll need to keep working there so you can afford some new clothes to look nice for the auditions I'm gonna get you... soon as I can, I swear. Trust me.
Speech ok...

Auditions for Edward Hacker's new horror movie start any day now. Do what you can to make a name for yourself before then!
Speech ok

Casino Skyrise
Hey, (Your Name)! I got the call: you are 0707 - the world's most famous and top-grossing spy!

Speech great!
You've been offered the role, and if the film does well, you're signed in for another two!
Speech thanks

Now, filmin' for - "Casino Skyrise" starts in 24 hours; I'll call ya then!
Speech ok

Commercially Viable

Your Agent is calling...

(Your Name)! It's Arnie! (Friendly Actor/Actress) was right - we can get you an audition for a line in a commercial if you get to Channel 9 right away. Good luck! I need it!
Speech hang up

Eye of the Cougar

Hello, (Your name). Charlene's been buggin' me about how the projects you've been on aren't "sexy" enough.

1. Speech agree
2. Speech disagree
1. You too eh? Gangin' up on me. OK, OK. I thought you might feel that way. So I've been working on it. Rising Star studio's got a drama in the works about sexy older women called Cougars in the City.
a. Speech sounds good
b. Speech I'm not old
a. Whew. Maybe Charlene will leave me alone for a while. Auditions start in 24 hours - I'll give you a call to remind you.

Speech ok

Go tell Charlene she wins!

Speech ok
b. ?
2. ?

Face-to-face Time
Hey, (Your Name)! Did you hear the news? You're now the third most popular person on Facetome, the world's most popular, social networking site!

I was going to keep it a secret until the news agencies pounced all over it but, you know me, I can't keep anythin' a secret!
Speech great!

It sure is! And you have good timing: George Focus, the creator of the ever-popular Star Battle movies has announced that the long-awaited Episode VII is ready to go!
While it's supposedly a return to the quality of his earlier work, everyone knows that he bases his casting on whom his daughters like...
which means it's a popularity contest - a popularity contest you can show you've won by becoming the most popular person on Facetome.
Speech how?

That's why you have a publicist! Charlene's waiting for you down at Mr. Sushi.
Speech ok

Fairlady Hotel
Hey, (Your Name)! I didn't know you were in town! I'm just here meetin' my old friend, Paulie Rosenburg. He's a producer, ya know!

I'll buy you a drink of somethin', but I gotta skedaddle!
Speech thanks +30Cash +20XP

Film Manhawk
(Your Name), I have a little side project for you: my cousin, Vinny, is tryin' his hand at some small-time movie producin'.

He made a bunch of money back in the 90's with some tech stocks and I talked him into becomin' a producer!
Speech ok

Anyway, reason I ask is I was wonderin' you'd do me a favor and star in a movie he's makin'.
It's a fantasy film called "Manhawk." I don't quite get the plot, but it's about a prisoner who escapes a dungeon, and it involves curses and... well, magic!
What do ya think?

1. Speech I'll do it +40XP
2. Speech no thanks
1. Thanks a bundle, kiddo! Vinny'll be so excited!
Speech ok
2. ?
Film Our Son the Ninja

I think the time has almost come, Grasshopper, for you to get this role! Get it? Because... he was a ninja in that show, wasn't he? Filming starts in 8 hours! I'll call you then.
Speech ok

Sometime after filming Our Son the Ninja

Hey, kiddo! Looks like "Our Son the Ninja" has generated some buzz for you on the television front!

You have two offers for a couple of small roles: the first is for a role in a long-runnin' soap opera called "Club Desperation", where you'd be part of a love triangle with the main character and a villainous third lover.

The second offer is for a part in a crime drama called "Ordered Law: Internal Affairs", where you'd feature as a dirty cop!

"Club Desperation" will net you more cash, but "Ordered Law" will be more beneficial experience-wise. You won't be able to fit both into your schedule; so, which one should I say you're in for?

1. Speech Club Desperation Energy4
2. Speech Ordered Law Energy4

3. Speech come back later

1. Great! Okay, season ten of "Club Desperation" will film at Channel 9 and starts filmin' in 4 hours!
Speech ok
2. Great! Okay, season six of "Ordered Law: Internal Affairs" will film at Channel 9 and starts filmin' in 4 hours!
Speech ok
Film Remembrance
It appears you've impressed Mr. Seville, (Your Name)! He thinks you're right for the role in "Remembrance." He also asked me to thank you for the suggestion - whatever that means!

So, Seville wants to take some time before the film shoots, or I could pull some of the ol' Papadopoulous magic out of the hat and get him to start filmin' sooner, if you'd like.
What do ya think? Start filmin' in 24 hours or start in 1 hour?

1. Speech 1 hour Staricon6
2. Speech 24 hours
1. 1 hour it is! I'll call you - when your schedule's clear - and let you know when to head down to the studio, kiddo!
Speech ok
2. ?
Film "The Life Sapling"

(Your Name)! Have I got a script for you! It's called "The Life Sapling".
It's got it all: loss of innocence, sparse dialogue, deep symbolism, time travel, real aes... aesth... aes-thet-ic value. Well... according to this letter I got from the production company, "Foggy Night Films."
Anyway, this project will be the pinnacle of art on film and is a guaranteed award magnet... also according to the production company.
Speaking of the production company, Howard Louis Terrence, the head of "Foggy Night Films" himself wants you in this film!
Boy, this could lead to an award nomination for you! Do you wanna do it?

1. Speech yes
2. Speech no
1. This is great, kiddo! Great! Filming starts in 4 hours; I'll call you then!
Speech ok
2. ?
Fine Romance
It's working! Someone on the set of that romance flick must've liked what they saw, because I'm getting calls!

The best is a shot at a key role in Lonely in Los Angeles, a romantic comedy they're casting for at Rising Star.

1. Speech sounds good
2. no thanks
1. Yes, getting this kind of exposure is great! Auditions start in 24 hours! I'll call to remind you.
Speech ok
2. ?
Get Representation

Welcome to Arnie's Talent Agency! I'm Arnie. I'd offer you a seat, but the repo guys took my extra chair... sorry.

As your agent, I'll find you projects, but you still need to show up and get the job done. It's like we're partners, except... well... you do the work.

And don't you worry about my fee - it will be included in your pay if... sorry I mean WHEN I get you a project.
Speech mention Channel 9

Really? They told me they were done casting! I've got the script right here - read it, then go right there for an audition! I'll call (Friendly Actor/Actress).
Speech ok

Good News!

Arnie is calling...


At Arnie's office

(Your name), did I call you? Doesn't matter! Charlene wants to see you again - something about an event you could attend.

Anyway, she'll be at Mr. Sushi; pay her a visit, and tell the old bat I said "Hi." *COUGH* Scratch that.

Don't tell her I said anything... well, only if you want.
Speech ok

Hopeful Romantic
All right, romance flicks are in! Key demographics - and I don't know which ones - eat this stuff up! We need to do a romance movie!
1. Speech ok
2. Speech no thanks
Horror Cash In
Folks are just eating you up in this horror stuff. My nephew says he really liked The Spooky Basement - he could really relate. If we keep it rolling and find ya couple more horror flicks, we can make some extra cash. Whaddaya say?
1. Speech ok
2. Speech no thanks

Keep At It
I lost a lot of money at the ponies last night... a lot. I almost had to give up my gold chain! Let's get you some work, pronto!
1. Speech ok
2. Speech no thanks
Kiss my grits
I've got good - great - news! Rising Star is showing some interest in having you be the lead in their newest TV show "Gunfog".

They think they can bring back the western to television. On,y catch is *COUGH* the producers see you as somewhat... "soft" was the word. But all is not lost: if you can convince them you're gritty enough for the role - you're in.
So here's what we need: you've gotta get a gritty, action movie role to prove those execs you've got what it takes. How does that sound?

1. Speech I'll do it
2. Speech no thanks
Mind Complex
Hey, (Your Name)! I got a call from Mya Jeakob's agent today; she seems to think you and Mya are looking to get project going together...
1. Speech yes

2. Speech don't want to
1. Good! Because she sent over the script for "Mind Complex," a film based on the semi-popular crime novel.

Speech ok

All righty. "Mind Complex" starts filmin' in 4 hours; I'll call ya then!

Speech ok
2. ?
Mind Complex 2
(Your Name)! "Mind Complex" did well enough that the studio wants to make a sequel; I took the liberty of telling them you'd be on board, but I can still get you out of it if you want.
1. Speech I'll do it
2. Speech get me out of it
1. Great! Because I don't think I could have actually gotten ya out of it!

Let's see, filmin' on "Mind Complex 2" starts in 4 hours; I'll call ya then!

Speech ok
2. ?
Ordered Law: IA
(Your Name)! Bad news about "Ordered Law: Internal Affairs"... Your character's popular enough, but it looks like he/she is going to die in the next season...

Speech what!

I know! Now, I can probably work some of the ol' Papadapoulos magic to make the studio reconsider - it won't be easy, but I'm sure I can do it.

1. Speech work your magic Staricon1
2. Speech any other offers?

1. Will do! I'll call you when I get this sorted out, kiddo!
Speech thanks!
2. ?
Ordered Revival

I did it, (Your Name)! Told ya I could! Your character on "Ordered Law" is alive and well! Filmin' for the next season of "Ordered Law" starts in 4 hours; I'll call ya then!
Speech ok

Our Son the Ninja / Spooky
I just got off the phone with the "Our Son the Ninja" people. They want you for the second season!

And - if that's not enough - you have an offer for a new horror film, "The Spooky Basement".
Some higher-up must think you can crank out another - "The Reapening". Basically, we have options! Can you believe it? Options! I've never been in a position to negotiate for anything other than a rent extension±
Speech great!

In fact, I've been on this infernal phone all day negotiating. You're being offered a signing bonus if you do the second season of Our Son the Ninja, but why settle for the small screen when you can be on the big one?
The Reapening got your name out there, and The Spooky Basement could keep it out there.
So, what do you want to do; the second season of Our Son the Ninja, or The Spooky Basement?

1. Speech our son the ninja +30Cash

2. Speech spooky basement
1. Great! Filming starts in one day! I'll call you then.
2. ?

Publicity Stunt

Arnie is calling...

(Your Name)? It's your agent, Arnie. Could I see you at my office when you get a chance?
Speech OK

At Arnie's Office

Hey, kiddo! Charlene called me...
She said she'd be your publicist - as well as some unsubstantial things about a "disagreement" between me and a stuntman!
But the important thing is that the stuntman is - I mean: that you've got yourself a publicist! She also wants to see you...
I don't know why that woman doesn't just call you herself.
Speech ok

Ratings are Forever

Hey, (Your Name)! Big news - BIG!
Speech what?

The Hills Movie Studio has recently acquired the rights to the ever popular "Double O-Seven" franchise!
Speech 007?

No! No! Double O-Seven: "0707," like that! Completely different... enough. Anyway, the BIG news is that someone over there likes you: you're on the short-list to be the suave Jane Stock in the next 0707 film titled "Casino Skyrise"! It's down to you, (Rival), Alana Straits, and Mya Jeakob. So, let's dive right in and show 'em that when it comes to action, you're the girl for the job! Get out there and get a 5-star rating on two action films!
Speech ok

See Arnie

I don't know what you said to Lefty - did you get me an autograph by the way?
Speech no

That's okay. Anyway, filming starts in 24 hours! I'll let you know when to head over to the studio.
Speech ok

Sitcom Cash In
Folks are just eating you up in these sitcoms. My nephew says he really likes that ninja stuff - he could really relate.

If we keep it rolling and find ya a couple more sitcom roles, we can make some extra cash. Whaddaya say?

1. Speech ok
2. Speech no thanks
Sitcom Work

Arnie is calling...

(Your Name), it's Arnie. I'm making a grilled-cheese sandwich and can't talk, but could you come by my office?
Speech ok

At Arnie's office

Hey, (Your Name), I've got a lead on an upcoming sitcom about ninjas or something. I can get a copy of the script soon, but until then, try to get some sitcom experience under your... belt. Get it? Because ninjas... wait... do ninjas wear belts?

1. Speech ok
2. Speech no thanks
Source material

(Your Name)! Okay, I've got something juicy for you. A made-for-TV movie based on, brace yourself, semi-famous and alcoholic pitcher Lefty LaRue! It's called The Southpaw Confessions. The studio sees you in the cast, only Lefty's people got him cast approval. I didn't even know you could do that! So, the studio's arranged for you two to meet. You gotta impress him to get on this project!

1. Speech ok
2. Speech no thanks
1. Head on down to the Cantina; he's waiting there. This is great, isn't it?
Speech yes
2. ?
Starhomes Real Estate
(Your Name)! Ms. Reynolds called about some spot you said you were gonna do for her real estate agency...
1. Speech ok
2. Speech don't want to do it
1. Oh, good, you know about it! At least one of us does! All righty, filmin' starts in 12 hours!
Speech ok
2. ?
The Gift of Gab
(Your Name), I have some great news: you've been nominated -

Speech Charlene told me

Really? That woman always ruins my fun! Well, congratulations on the STAR Award nomination all the same.
Folks really think you're groovy - I mean... they dig you. People still *COUGH* say that, don't they?

1. Speech sure they do
2. Speech nope
3. Speech STAR award? +Cash +XP
1. ?
2. ?
3. The Stardom Thespian and Actor Recognition Award - the ol' Fish-lady trophy! How do you not know that? Next you'll be telling me you don't know what PITA stands for!

Anyway, I think you've got a real chance at winnin' it. In fact, I think you could win a whole bunch of these over your career!
Speech I could?

Sure ya could! Although, it takes some work to even get nominated...
First, you gotta land a decent size role - 8 hours or longer. Then you gotta really nail the filming - I'm talkin' 4 or 5 stars all the way.
Pull that off, and you've got a chance at getting nominated. If that happens they'll tell Charlene and she'll give you a call.
Best not to get hung-up on awards though, kiddo. Michael C. Scott didn't... I think that's what his name was.
Speech ok

But let's stick to the present! The STAR Awards aren't too far off and Charlene wants to see you...
She's a whiz when it comes to red carpets... and award ceremonies - gabbing with the press - all that junk!
Why, now that you've been nominated for something, she might even start callin' you herself when she wants to see ya! Anyway, good work, (Your Name)! I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!
Speech ok

The Reapening

Great news (Your Name)! The recent buzz you've gotten from Starnews has got us noticed!

Edward Hacker's assistant called me to ask if you'd show up to audition for a role in their movie! That's right! HE called ME!
Speech ok

It's a horror movie called The Reapening. The audition is in one day, but I haven't got the script yet.

I'll tell you as soon as I get it, but I'll keep calling with opportunities until then...

because stayin' relevant ain't easy, kiddo. You gotta keep your name out there and perform well on projects or your fans will lose interest! Why, even famous A-listers have to work to keep from droppin' out of the public's eye!

And there's nothin' worse than being washed-up. Trust me, I know. *COUGH* Good luck!
Speech ok

The (Your Name) Show
Holy crap! This is it! Channel 9 saw some of the projects you've been working on, and they want you to star in a sitcom!

The director is really into you - they're calling it The (Your Name) Show! Can you believe it?! I'm having a heart attack!

1. Speech call ambulance
2. Speech are you ok?
1. ?
2. It's OK, kid. I keep a defibrillator in my desk. Let me just give it a whirl... *ZAP.*

OK, I'm good. Filming starts in two days. I'll call you as soon as I get the word.

Speech ok
Thoroughly Good

Hey, (Your Name)! Lots of big news, kiddo! Yours truly - that's me - has got you within an inch of bein' a star in Broadway's next hit!
Speech Broadway?

Yeah, Broadway: plays, one-person shows, musicals, the area of Manhattan named after... its wide... ways. *COUGH*

An associate of mine tells me that legitimate theater is the next big trend - everyone's gonna want to see plays and musicals! Maybe people are tired of yelling at their TVs and want to yell directly at the actors? So, armed with that knowledge, yours truly - still me - has put your name out in the more.... theatrical circles. The calls for actin' gigs out in New York should start coming in no time! But that's not the biggest news...
Speech what is?

I knew you'd ask that! The big news is that I think I've got you one step away from starrin' in a play written and directed by Wendy Allen!
Speech Wendy Allen?

"Andy Hall"? "Brooklyn"? Ringing any bells? Anyway, I was gettin' off the bus on my way home when I bumped into Wendy Allen's manager, Simon Thurgood. Well... manager, personal friend, agent - I think. Simon does it all, and he only takes on le creme of the cream as clients. It's made his ego bigger than the tuckus I'm sitting on - snooty, but a nice guy. He's an old, school buddy on mine - way before he ran the "Thoroughly Good Talent Agency." He gave me the scoop on what Allen's up to! We got to talkin', I dropped your name and BAM! Next thing you know I missed my bus! More importantly, Simon wants to meet you!
Speech really?

You betcha! Now, Simon's a busy guy, but he told me you could catch him on his way to the airport - out in The Hills - on his way to New York. Boy, a guy like that asking a star like you to meet him on the street, practically! Ego, I tells ya... oh, well! Jump through the hoops for him and you're a shoo-in!

1. Speech ok
2. Speech info about NY
1. ?
2. New York is great! You can perform in stage projects at The Regal Theatre, visit the lounge at the Fairlady Hotel to meet important people and get yourself a loft at Tera Lofts! You can get to New York by going to the airport, out in The Hills. Tap on the travel icon by the airport, select New York and next thing you know, you'll be there!
Speech ok

You Only Live Thrice
Hey, kiddo! It's time for the next Stock film! It's called "You Only Live Thrice" and it starts filmin' in 24 hours; I'll call ya then!

Speech ok