Go to your agent and your agent will tell you about a few project offers, the first one is from Spieler who is looking for a lead in his next project, a western trilogy, the first of which is called "3:10 to El Paso.", your agent advises that this will require you to sign a contract sayng you'll do all three films, but it'll be guarenteed work. The second offer is for the sequel to "Go Boom" (called "Go Boomer"), Spieler isn't affiliated with this movie. Your choices are El Paso, Go Boom II or neither. As usual, you will be notified to commence filming after 24 hours.

After the discussion of the movie, your agent will mention a Melinda Fice and tell you to pretend to bump into her on your way out (as she hates introductions).

When you exit the agency, you will see Melinda (she's the one wearing the leopard skin patterned top and blue hat). She'll ask if you are, well, you, and you will have the choice to say yes or no. Saying yes will lead to her say that she loved "It's Kayla" and then proceed to introduce herself. Your only option is to say that you know, then she will ask if you saw her in the New New Yorker: "Top 30 Successes Almost Under 30." Your options this time are 'max told me', 'you looked great' and 'didn't see it'. Choosing 'you looked great', she will thank you and say that he movied out of her old apartment to Manhattan and ask if you're your agent's client. Admitting to it will lead her to talk about your agent a bit and then tell you that she'd like you to let her know when you'll be in NY next.


You may get an offer to film the ending to the El Paso triology (4:00 to El Paso) or a comedy called "Open Mic", if you want to choose the latter, you'll need to pay $2,000 to buy-out the rest of your contract to El Paso.

4:00 to El Paso (Property of Hills Movie Studio)

Line 1: I will shoot you if we are late for the train this time!

Line 2: We finally made it to El Paso!

On set, Spieler will say that the sequel's TNT budget was bigger than the first films, but he can't remember by how much. Triple is the correct answer.

Before the second movie, 3:45 to El Paso, you are also offered to do another movie paying $2,000 to get out of the contract for El Paso trilogy.

On set, talk with Spieler. The correct answer is 1800's!