Barry Mancini
Gender Male
List Unlisted Unlisted
Occupation Probably Unemployed

Barry Mancini comes onto the scene as part of Friendly Favor.

Barry's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Barry Mancini is an old high school friend of yours from the old neighborhood, who you grew up with for a decade-and-a-half.

Related Goals


Friendly Favor
(Your Name)! Hey! It's me! Barry! Barry Mancini!

Speech ...

From the old neighborhood! Don't tell me that you already forgot about me - and high school, and the decade-and-a-half growin' up together!
Speech of course not!

Yeah! How's it goin' - stupid question! It must be goin' good! Who would have thought that I'd be friends with someone famous... and rich!
Speech how are you?

I'm doin' all right. Just... visitin' New York for... some business. Funny I ran into you like this! I take it you're livin' the life out on the west coast! Speakin' of which, I'm thinkin' of movin' out there - lookin' for some new digs... think you could help me out? Maybe get me a good deal too?
Speech sure

Thanks! Good to see you're still a good friend even with the fame... and money. Why don't you give me your e-mail address - I don't got a phone right now - and I'll give you mine? Maybe we can meet up out there when I move. Thanks again!
Speech ok

Old Time's Sake
(Your Name)! That real estate agent of yours hooked me up good! Thanks a lot! I owe ya!

Speech don't worry about it

I don't forget favors, buddy. Hey! I'm goin' out to Club Coco tonight. Why don't you come by?
Speech ok

Great! It'll be like old times!
Speech great!

At Club Coco

(Your Name)! I got started without you but am I glad you're here! That bartender doll over there won't serve me no more and's threatenin' to kick me out! Can you believe this?
Speech ...

Kicked Out
Hey! That joker of a bat... of a... of a... bouncer kicked me out! ME! Did I mention that he kicked me out?

Speech $400?

Oh... well... I figured you wouldn't mind... I'm good for the money, (Your Name)! You trust me, right?

1. Speech trust him
2. Speech get a job
1. ?
2. I'm tryin' but it's so hard out here! You think you can get me somethin'?
Speech Starbeans

I was thinkin' movies... but I won't push it.

Speech good choice.