This goal follows Meeting Mulgary.

People Involved


Arnie got the call: you are Jane Stock, 0707 - the world's most famous and top-grossing spy! You've been offered the role, and if the film does well, you're signed on for another two! Filming for Casino Skyrise starts in 24 hours, Arnie will call you then.

  • Task Wait for call; film movie

You will find Susan Mulgary on set.


Casino Skyrise
(Property of Hills Movie Studio)

Line 1: It's a shame I have to shut your casino down, Shifra; I was on a hot streak.

Line 2: It appears that baccarat isn't your game... maybe you should try poker.

Time Limit: Time 24 Hours
Genre: Action
Energy Used: Energy 370
Blue Stars Needed: BlueStar1 305

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
film scene 1Energy 5Cash None
check gate 1Energy 5Cash 1XP 7BlueStar1 Professional
grab a bagel 2Energy 3XP 1BlueStar1 Foodie
reload 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 Hero
lighting check 2Energy 5Cash 1XP 2BlueStar1 Film Tech
take one 3Energy 10Cash 1XP 1BlueStar1 None
check makeup 4Energy 15Cash 1XP 4BlueStar1 Vanity
take two 5Energy 10Cash 2XP 3BlueStar1 None
research puns 5Energy 20Cash 1XP 5BlueStar1 Professional
do a scene together 5Energy 10Cash 2XP 5BlueStar1 1Energy None
take three 7Energy 15Cash 3XP 6BlueStar1 Professional
throw tantrum 8Energy 10XP 5BlueStar1 Dramatic
do own stunts 10Energy 25Cash 5XP 7BlueStar1 Hero

That's a Wrap!
Casino Skyrise will premiere in 24:00:00.

5Stars: +130Cash +55XP

AList +824,998 fans

Goal Reward

+30Cash +50XP +2Energy

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