This goal follows Get Settled In and Finish Unpacking.

People Involved


Tony will call you and say that his manager Warren at Starbeans is hiring part-time replacements. 

This is the time to name your star or starlet. Choose carefully, as you cannot change it later.

Warren will then give you a job and a Starbeans uniform. Tap the wardrobe icon in the bottom menu. Follow the notification to find the uniform. Tap to put it on.

Starbeans Trainee Uniform

StarletStarbeansUniform StarStarbeansUniform
Starlet Star

Finish your training shift in 3 mins.

Time: Time 3 Minutes
Energy Cost: Energy 10
Blue Stars Needed: BlueStar1 10

Reward amounts are approximate.

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward
daydream 1Energy +1XP +1BlueStar1
black coffee 2Energy +5Cash +1XP +1Energy +2BlueStar1
avoid customers 3Energy +5Cash +2XP +2BlueStar1
espresso 3Energy +10Cash +1XP +1Energy +3BlueStar1
cappuccino 4Energy +12Cash +5XP +1Energy +4BlueStar1

Your shift is over.

(You are rewarded based on the number of stars you score)
5Stars: +1Staricon

Goal Reward

+5Cash +10XP

Level up!
(You may level up twice throughout this goal.)

Following Goal

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