Downtown Penthouse
Location Downtown
Cost 50 Staricon
Level 5
Sections 2
Parties Available

The Downtown Penthouse is one of the second homes you can own. It is on the second floor of number 123 located on Broadview Ave. in Downtown. This two floor apartment in the heart of city with stunning views is located on Broadview Ave. in Downtown. For 50 Staricon, Lisa Reynolds will convince the owner to part with it.

Pets Allowed

To be confirmed.

Entourage & Parties

Entourage: 6 people A-Listers
Party: 6 people






Reward amounts are approximate.

Available Actions
Action Energy Reward Achievement
organic snack 20Cash 1Energy 2XP
relax in style 1Energy 1XP Relaxed
admire view 1Energy 1XP
appreciate the art 2Energy 3XP
watch tv 3Energy 4XP
warm up 3Energy 4XP
read up on technique 4Energy 5XP

Party Actions

Party Actions
Action Energy Reward Achievement
show off view 1Energy 1XP 1BlueStar1 Big Spender
gather 'round fire 2Energy 2XP 2BlueStar1 Romantic
relax uncomfortably 4Energy 4XP 4BlueStar1 Vanity
serve hors d’oeuvres 50Cash 4Energy 6XP 4BlueStar1 Foodie
small talk 50Cash 5Energy AList: 53Cash 6XP 6BlueStar1
BList: 43Cash 6XP 5BlueStar1
CList: 32Cash 6XP 4BlueStar1
DList 23Cash 6XP 3BlueStar1