A 7 day Halloween Event commenced on the 25th October. Your agent will call and announce the event with details of how to obtain exclusive Halloween costumes and stars. The event also encouraged a purchase of vampire fangs that would double the number of props purchased for 75 Charm.

Halloween PropsEdit

There are three different Halloween props.

- Skull (rare)

- Pumpkin

- Candy Bar

How to Obtain PropsEdit

Doing actions (using 1 energy) when working on projects (TV or Film) will randomly drop one of the Halloween props. A 5-star rating will yield bonus Halloween props.


Your agent will also let you know that to help you get all the props necessary, there is also a series of projects that are availible with the event.

Fredrick J. Krueger and Annabelle P. Wilkes are B-horror film makers that will give you 55 Skulls if you finish their 4 projects before the 1st November. To start the project go to Studio Supercool to talk to Krueger and either wait 24 hours for the project to start or use Charm to start immediately.