You get this quest from talking to Leah, the bartender at Club Coco. She will tell you that the club isn't doing so well but she doesn't want the owner to know she told you about it. You can then choose to help her (by using 5 Charm) and she will ask if you think you could get Bobby Blueford to start going to the club. Then she will tell you that he should be in New York filming a movie called "Sundance" (or something).

When you go to New York, you'll see Bobby in the second screen (near the Fairlady Hotel). He'll say he recognises you and loved you in one of your movies. Bobby will then go on to invite you to go 'partying' at Club Venus when he gets back to LA, mention Club Coco and persuade him to go. He'll tell you that he wants to make a directorial debut - a drama called "Extraordinary People" - starring himself and a co-star. If you co-star with him he'll try Club Coco.

After starring with him in "Extraordinary People", meet Bobby in Club Coco and he says that the place is great and Leah is hot, and ask you to party with him. If you choose to, you'll have to order vodka and soda, a coconut drink, then watch the crowd and recognise the DJ. After this section of the quest you'll receive 50Cash, 100XP and 2Energy.