Your agent calls saying that Andree-Anne called about a meeting she recently had with Quincy Tesseract, who is going to be filming a new movie. It's down to you and another actor, Brock, who's big overseas, to get the lead.  At last, your agent tells you that Tesseract is on the set of a project, but wants to meet you. So head on over to The Hills Movie Studio when you are ready.

When you arrive in the Hills, you will see Terreract standing by the entrance to the studio, and he starts by saying he's a fan of yours. He'll then give you a run down of the movie (as seen in the Quotes section) and then say that he might throw in some vampires for good measure, to which you'll say "bad idea!". He'll say you passed his test and says that the choice between you and Brock comes down to who impresses his technical advisor more. He reveals that his technical advisor is "acquaintances with benefits" with Andree-Anne. If you impress him more than Brock, the role is yours.

When you meet with your agent again, you'll find out that the technical advisor is Andrew William, who is in Tokyo. At this point your agent will mention Andree-Anne and you'd have the opinion to tell him she's cheating or leave quietly. If you choose to tell him about the cheating, he'll tell you to focus on the meeting, so head to the Hills and catch a flight to Tokyo.

If you told your agent about Andree-Anne cheating, she'll stop you at the Hills and say that you broke your deal with her and you'll lose the role to Brock. Your agent will later tell you that he got you in for Tesseract's next project - Killed Phill - about a girl who gets into trouble with the Yakuza while in Japan. After the briefing, you'll have to head to Tokyo to meet the Andrew anyway.

Andrew will say that he's seen your movies and knows that you're good but they need great, so you're going to stage fight in the streets of Tokyo. You'll have to dodge, strike and take-down, and also pay his bill at The Fairlady Hotel in New York to be considered good enough. After paying his bill, you'll meet him again outside the hotel, he'll tell you that he'll tell Tesseract that you're the one for the part and give you back your money for the bill.


Killed Phill 
(Property of Tokyo's Tribon Studio)

1. You killed me once, but you won't kill me again!

2. I'm back to finish you!