Welcome to Stardom: The A-List! Get ready to write your stardom journey into the history books, because you are going to get famous!

Start the game by choosing your gender and customize your character (you can also do this later in the game). Don't worry about naming yourself yet, that will come later.

People Involved


The game starts off in front of your new apartment after moving out of your old neighborhood. Your childhood friend Tony Devera is there to help you unpack and get you started on your adventure to stardom!

After speaking to Tony, tap on the green house button right in between you two to enter your new apartment.

Upon entering your apartment, Tony gives you pointers on general gameplay. He wants you to unpack the boxes. You can do this by tapping the purple pointer above the boxes and tap the phrase that pops up to unpack.

  • Task unpack boxes 1Energy
    • +1XP

After you have unpacked and spoken to Tony about more tips, he suggests to go outside and find your old couch. You can exit the apartment by tapping the blue arrow button on the door.

Upon going outside, you see the mover Lou Pinelli with your couch. He claims you never told him about three flights of stairs and wants you to pay him to move it. You can either use your Stariconcharm or tell him to "move it yourself". No matter which option you choose, you will have to use your Stariconcharm.

After charming Lou, head back inside your apartment and your couch will be there.

Following Goals

Finish Unpacking
Get Settled In