Leah Robertson
Gender Female
List EList E-List
Occupation Bartender

Leah Robertson is behind the bar at Club Coco located in Downtown.

Background Trivia

Leah is a bartender at Club Coco who will serve you drinks while topping up glasses. Buying a beverage from Leah will cost Cash12 and in exchange she will share information about people currently in the club, even though she doesn't care...

Related Goals


Club Coco
What can I get ya?

1. Speech (A drink.) Cash12
2. Speech Nothing.

1. No problem. Anything else?
a. Speech (Gossip.) +1XP
b. Speech No, thanks.

Step Into Bobby's World
(Your Name)! How's my favorite customer?
1. Speech good
2. Speech bad
3. Speech flirt
1. Oh, good! Wish I could say the club was doing as well as you are, sugar. Business has been slowing down recently. Seems like all the stars want to go to Club Venus. Probably because Bobby Blueford and his party-crazy entourage go there all the time. Do you know Bobby?

Speech not personally
Too bad. If only he'd start coming here...
Speech offer to help

I couldn't let you. Carl, the owner, would kill me if he knew I even told you the club isn't doing so well... Although I'm sure he'd make it worth your while if he found out you did help. Thanks, anyway.
a. Speech charm her Staricon5
b. Speech maybe later
c. Speech not interested
a. Well... if it's no trouble - and if you're sure my boss won't find out I said something...

Do you think you could get Bobby Blueford to start coming here?
Speech yes
Thank you! I think Starnews said he was in New York right now filming a movie called "Sundance" or something...

Speech ok
b. ?
c. ?
2. ?
3. ?
Kicked Out
(Your Name) I loved you in Central Park East! What can I get you, sugar?

Speech mention Barry Oh! That deadbeat? He said he was friends with you - I didn't believe him...

He's annoying other customers and he rang up quite the tab and can't pay it. Buying rounds - real expensive stuff too! He owes $400...

1. Speech apologize Cash 400
2. Speech come back later
1. Not a problem - well, if you're fronting the cash! Although it looks like he's getting the boot right now...Speech ok