Leslie Talbot
Gender Female
Occupation Ex-Gangster

Leslie is an ex-gangster that you'll first hear about through your agent during the quest The Time. She will be seen in The Hills wearing a blue top, green skirt and stockings, blue sport shoes and bright red hair. Your agent will tell you that she's staying in LA in order to stay alive after betraying some gang members in England. When you first talk to her she'll also reveal that she survived a drive-by. Along with meeting "associates" and taking care of "deliveries" it is suspected that she's not the "ex"-gangster she is known to be.


She climbed her way up by making "deliveries" for certain shady characters: Sharktooth Sammy, Henry the Butcher, Meat Cleaver Carl, etc.

Piano wires seem to be her weapon of choice. Honesty, integrity or loyalty?

She got her nickname "The Tuner" in the 1980s.