Lines of main goal or side goal TV shows. Arranged in alphabetical order of show names. 

Any article in the beginning of title names will be excluded from alphabetizition.

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Club Desperation: Season 10 (Channel 9 TV Studio - Soap Opera)

1. But I thought we were meant to be together...

2. That's the difference between you and me.

Cougars in the City (Rising Star Studio - Daytime Drama)

1. Girl, as your sassy care free neighbor, I have one thing to say to you:

2. The only thing holding that dress up is fabric tape and a stiff breeze.


Friending with the Stars [Host] (Channel 9 TV Studio- Reality)

1. Welcome to Friendling with the Stars...

2. The show that proves that people will do almost anything for money.

Friending with the Stars [Quick Appearance] (Channel 9 TV Studio - Reality)

1. And that's... Tony.

2. It's strange that (Rival's) friend speaks like she does.


Gunfog (Rising Star Studio - Western)

1. If you're gonna use that pistol, you better start on me...

2. Forget startin' partner, I reckon I'll finish ya.


Ordered Law: Internal Affairs, Season 6 (Channel 9 TV Studio - Crime Drama)

1. What cop doesn't like a little gravy?

2. Ha! You won't shoot me; you don't have the guts!

Ordered Law: Internal Affairs, Season 7 (Channel 9 TV Studio - Crime Drama)

1. I knew you didn't have the guts to shoot me...

2. Jail? I'll be out in no time!

Our Son the Ninja (Channel 9 TV Studio - Sitcom)

1. Look, honey! Hiro has used his sword skills to prune our living-room plants!

2. Too bad he did a number on our couch... anyone know a good upholsterer? Oh, Hiro!

Our Son the Ninja (Season 2) (Channel 9 TV Studio - Sitcom)

1. Hiro's school called about his absence again.

2. But he has been going to class! You just can't see him!

Our Son the Ninja (Season 3) (Rising Star Studio - Sitcom)

1. Well, our son the ninja is off to college!

2. He may not be the sharpest throwing star, but at least he got a scholarship!