The second final area, Madam Avenue in New York. There is a house in the back of the Subway and there is an airport taxi to Los Angeles, your first time place. The subway leads to Broadway. You will find Tera Lofts (under construction, for later it will be availaible). Then beside, it is The Network.

  • The big loft has 2 floors and you must buy it expensive! ($200,000 after Starhomes commercial or 100 Charm). If you buy all the furnitures in the second floor, you can see the GIGANTIC TV!
  • Tera Lofts - Under Construction >.<
  • The Network - Probably a new studio. So far, I didn't recieve any jobs from them.


Michael Joel Rahman


Sara Leila Jess (talk) 23:29, July 11, 2013 (UTC)