Miguel Morilaglu
Gender Male
List AList A-List
Occupation Fashionista

Miguel Morilaglu comes onto the scene as part of Make the B-List!, where he states you are not famous enough to shop at Narcis Fashion Boutique located in The Coast. After impressing him he will become your stylist, which through completion of goals enables you to unlock new fashion items for purchasing.

Later, when you receive your first nomination for the S.T.A.R. Awards, as part of Awards Night, Miguel will offer to design your dress/suit, which can be purchased for Cash1125. You will be prompted at the award ceremony to tell the reporter whose dress you are wearing. To answer this correctly, is Miguel's last name "Morilaglu".

Throughout the game, Miguel will be your source of information regarding fashion designers, brands, etc. (e.g. Pierre St. Dunovain).

Background Trivia

Miguel is a sassy fashionista who owns Narcis Fashion Boutique on The Coast.

It is suggested that Charlene and Miguel have some romantic history.

Related Goals

Make the B-List! Narcis Showdown Mya New Client Rick Rolled Fortress of Solitude
PITA ad Gorilla Marketing Career Move Playing Dress-up Ball of the Belle


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

Career Move
Oh, girl! How was New York? It must have been good to you because I got a call from THE Simon Thurgood! He told me all about his plan to get you into the fashion! I am bed, bath excited! Beyond.

Speech ok

Let us begin work on your clothing! I will work the magic!
Speech ok

Clothing on the Line
In no time we will have created a masterpiece of the fabric! Your dress will be gorgeous, girl!

Speech ok

Fortress of Solitude
(Your Name)! How are you, girl? I heard the photo shoot went fab-tastically well. How did you like Richard? He said he absolutely adored every inch of you!
1. Speech he's great!
2. Speech racy photos...
1. I knew you would love him! He'll get those photos published in no time and you'll be even more famous and rich than before - possibly even more beautiful! Anywhom, I have some of the work to do, but why don't you check back in later?
Speech ok
2. He did what! This is crazy, girl! You think you know someone and they... they turn into the creep. I will never work with him again!

Please leave me... I must think.

Speech ok
Gorilla Marketing
That. Photo shoot. Was. So. Hot. I had to step outside for some air, girl!

Speech ok

Make the B-List!
You're obviously in the wrong place; I don't think we have anything that fits... nobodies. Only the rich, the famous, and the rich and famous shop here. At the very least, B-list...

Speech ok...

Where is the security and why are they not removing this... this... obviously homeless person from my boutique? Sigh.
1. Speech leave quietly

2. Speech excuse me?
2. Maybe he/she should go back to the Mall Mart or wherever it is people like them shop, am I right?
a. Speech nobody else here

b. Speech leave quietly

a. Oh! There's nobody here... I'm, unfortunately looking at him/her. Failure stings my eyes.
Speech leave quietly

After making the BList B-List

You're (Your Name), aren't you? I am... Miguel.
Speech I am

I thought so. But it takes more than being a no-talent celebrity to shop at my boutique; you must be beautiful! And, (Project Name) was an unbearable tragedy of the film-making!
1. Speech it was not!
2. Speech leave quietly

1. To your opinion you are entitled, but in my boutique, my opinion is fact! Begone!
Speech leave quietly

Mya New Client
Hey, girl! I was wondering if you could do me a solid... favour.

Speech what is it?

Well... as practically all of the Hollywood knows, the hottest rising star - after you - right now is Mya Jeakob.
Anywhom, reason I mention her is that I would absolutely die - in a good way! - if I could get her as a client.
Do you think you could help me with that? She's usually down at Coco - or sometimes Mr. Sushi.
Speech sure

After speaking to Mya Jeakob

Oh! Thank you for speaking to Mya, girl! She has agreed to let me style her in the fashion!
Speech ok +30Cash +20XP

Narcis Showdown
(Your Name)! I saw the Person magazine... you are one of the beautiful people, girl! And I absolutely loved The Reapening! Come take a look at this exquisite outfit...

Speech now I'm beautiful? Cash+3 XP+2

But of course! You're famous and beautiful, aren't you? I would love for you to shop here! I practically need you to!
Speech I wasn't before? Cash+4 XP+3

Well... not in the magazine...
Speech big mistake Cash+5 XP+4

It's... you see...
Speech HUGE mistake Cash+6 XP+5

Okay, girl... let's not get carried away...
Speech I'll shop elsewhere

No! Please! I'm sorry - I cannot believe I just apologized to someone; I never do that! I will also... work to be less critical - I promise!

1. Speech accept apology
2. Speech don't accept

1. Oh! Thank you! I will pamper you while you shop and I will even be your stylist. Free of the charge.
1a. Speech I look fine
1b. Speech ok
1a. No! No! No! "Fine" is not what you look, girl. If I had a dictionary, I would open it and look up the word "utterly" followed by "distasteful" - I mean...

there is some room for improvement. What you need is a stylist and, girl, I - look at me - I am that stylist. I know the fashion.

I will make you look like a queen... or king if that's what you you're into.
1b. Fan-tabulous! Now to find you some clothes that don't make my eyes vomit - I mean... I think you'll find what I have to offer more... fitting. Check your wardrobe for new clothing options!
I. Speech ok
II. Speech mention Charlene
I. ?
II. Charlene! I didn't know she was your publicist! Laughter.

I'll say this, girl: Charlene's sense of fashion is dead as that rat she wears around her neck - don't tell her I said that! I love her anyway!
Now to find some clothes that don't make my eyes vomit - I mean...
I think you'll find what I have to offer more... fitting. Check your wardrobe for new clothing options!

Speech ok
2. ?

after getting Goal Rewards

(Your Name), girl! I have some new items in - check your wardrobe! You will absolutely love them all! Smile.
Speech ok


When choosing Speech he's great in Fortress of Solitude

(Your Name), girl, you are in the luck!
Speech why?

There I was, trying to think of someone to do the photos of you on short notice, when out of the blue a good friend of mine offered to do it! The shoot will begin immediately; time is an essence that we have little of!
Speech who?

Oh! You are about to see! Smile, I believe you two have met...
Speech ok...

When choosing Speech racy photos... in Fortress of Solitude

(Your Name), girl, you are in luck!
Speech why?

There I was, trying to think of someone to do the photos of you on short notice - seeing as that creep, Stills, is now my ex-friend - when it dawned all over me: I'll do it!
Speech you?

Sure, girl! Before I got into dressing the horribly incapable celebrities - and then you, of course - I did some work as a photographer. This is my chance to get back into it! Don't worry, for a little spread like this, it'll be fine!
Besides, Sharon Lapin is a friend of mine and I already begged her to let me do it.
Speech if you're sure

As sure as I am that the maitre 'd at Le Petit Cheval is cheating on her boyfriend - and you didn't hear that from me, girl!

1. Speech let's do it!
2. Speech gossip
1. ?
2. You better believe she is, girl! And I wouldn't be surprised if that Mr. Max Bling doesn't always have a table available for him - oh! We are such gossipy bit - anywhom, let's get started.
Speech ok
Playing Dress-up
Oh! (Your Name)! Congratulations! I don't know what's more exciting for you, girl: the fact you'll achieve some level of the recognition, or that you get to be dressed by me! Excitement.

For this event, I have something special for you: a dress.
It's a Morilaglu - that is - I.E - me! Miguel Morilaglu. Don't you forget to tell everyone! Custom-made by me, girl, and I'm only charging you for the material.
Speech ok

Anytime, girl! Not in the literal sense, mind you. Now, the thing to remember about the award shows is that everyone wants to see beautiful people on the red carpet!
You have to dress appropriately, or the media will tear you to shreds - I will too!
So whenever you are up for an award, before you make your way to the Powell Theater-atorium, dress yourself more... formally than usual for the red carpet. You don't want to end up on that Ray Powers' worst-of-the-dressed list!
But you won't have to worry about that this time; I can already tell that, if you wear the dress I've made for you, you will be the ball of the belle...

1. Speech belle of the ball...
2. Speech Ray Powers? +Cash +XP

1. Uh... No. No. I meant that you will be... a ball of the beauty. That is how beautiful... a big ball of the beauty.

2. He's that - that... ill-dressed Starnews reporter! I don't see how someone who practically wears the same suit every day can comment on fashion, but I will say that he's often correct.

Now, go on: Get changed! Get changed! I am dying from the anticipation! Shiver.
Speech ok...

Rick Rolled
(Your Name), you are looking like the hot fire these days! Swoon. Listen, girl: a friend of mine, Richard Stills, is dropping by later today...
1. Speech who?
2. Speech ok
1. He's nobody! Just an elite, world-famous fashion photographer and personal friend, that's all. Sigh. Anywhom, he is dropping by for an impromptu photo shoot... you know, like, to take the pictures... of you! I can't stress how important this is! Shiver!
Speech ok
2. ?

Fab-tastic! There is one little, tiny, small thing I need you to do: buy salmon rolled. Richard loves salmon rolled from that god-awful Mr. Sushi down on Broadview - don't ask me why! Shudder. But he loves it and I promised him I would pick some up. Oh! Look at the time! I have to run, but I'll leave you in Richard's capable, smooth hands. He should be here by the time you get back. Ciao!
Speech ok...