Mya Jeakob
Gender Female
List AList A-List
Occupation A-List Actor

Mya Jeakob comes onto the scene as part of Mya New Client, where Miguel has asked you to get her as a client for him. Later, you will be her co-star on Mind Complex and Mind Complex 2.

Mya's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Mya Jeakob is the hottest rising star, (after you), right now according to Miguel. She usually hangs out at Club Coco and sometimes at Mr. Sushi. Mya is in the running for the role Jane Stock for the new Double-O-Seven, 0707 film, Casino Skyrise

Related Goals


Mya New Client! (Your Name)! How are you?

Speech great!

I've been hoping to bump into you around here. I absolutely loved The Reapening! I was hoping we could work on a project sometime...
Speech mention Miguel

Hm... I don't know. I mean, I think I dress myself pretty well... don't I?

1. Speech charm her Staricon1
2. Speech be persistent

1. Well... okay! Hey! You wouldn't happen to want to try to get a project going together, would you?
1a. Speech sure!
1b. Speech make up excuse
1a. Great! I'll have my agent get in touch with yours!
Speech ok
1b. ?

2. Well... I'll tell you what: you do a movie with me - just one - and I'll hire More-glu? Mor-e-glu - however you pronounce it! - as my stylist. Deal?
2a. Speech accept
2b. Speech decline
2a. Great! I'll have my agent get in touch with yours!
Speech ok
2b. ?
Mind Complex

On set

I just know this will turn out to be a great film!
Speech ok

After filming, at Mr. Sushi

Hey (Your Name)! Good to see you, co-star!
Speech hi! Cash+30 XP+15

Mind Complex 2
While I don't think it'll be as good as the first one, I still think this is going to be great!

Speech ok Cash+20 XP+20