This goal follows Day Job.

People Involved


After you finish your training shift at Starbeans, Tony will tell you to head over to The Leaky Cantina.

  • Task Talk to the bartender
  • Task Get someone's number

Talk to the bartender, Sarah Vandalay. You can either order a drink for Cash3 or say "nothing for now". If you buy the drink, she will ask you to tell the person at the pool table to keep it down. If you say "nothing for now", nothing will happen.

Talk to the person at the pool table. They will tell you that their celebrating their new job as a production assistant at Channel 9. You now have the option to "introduce" or "guess name".

If you bought the drink, their name will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen where their information is. You can easily guess their name with that information. If you did not buy the drink, you will not be able to read their name. You can guess, but it's best to just introduce yourself.

You now have the option to either Heart1flirt or BlueStar1chat. Flirting will make the person a love interest and chatting will make them an acquaintance. Either way, the person will tell you that their hiding from their ex, (Rival), and they'll give you their number. They will then become a Friendly Actor/Actress.

After speaking to Friendly Actor/Actress, leave The Leaky Cantina and you will meet your Rival outside.

Your Rival will accuse you of flirting with their ex, the Friendly Actor/Actress, regardless what option you chose with them earlier in The Leaky Cantina.

You have the options to say;

  • Speech apologize
  • Speech insult

Goal Reward

+5Cash +10XP

Level up!

Following Goals

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