This is an event for December of 2012. Your agent calls you to the office and tells you that Rising Star studios wants to produce a film adaption of  J. R. R. "J.R." Tokewing Jr.'s "Of Might and Magic" series. He was seen recently at the Starbeans in Cromptown. The film adaptions will feature 5 films: a trilogy and then two prequels, you have until 10th December to finish them. You will get stars, a new costume (seen in Miguel's store) and a exclusive item, if you finish all 5 films.
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Costume Reward for the Event

Your agent tells you to go introduce yourself to Tokewing and that the first movie "Of Might and Magic: Secret of the Magi" will start filming soon. Tokewing will be the guy in front of Starbeans in the neighbourhood. Your agent will call you about the next movie after you complete each movie in the series.

Each movie in the series will be a 8 hour job and you will get better rewards for every movie you complete. The costume reward will be awarded over the completion of the last 2 movies, the lower clothing and footwear for part 1 of the sequel and the top and wings for part 2.


Of Might and Magic (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: Of course, there are those who doubt the dragon will sleep forever...

Line 2: Orkuslins! I know the magi were hiding something!

Of Might and Magic II (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: Has no one noticed how annoying these imps are?

Line 2: The Gateway... it opens! Evil is unleashed!

Of Might and Magic III (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: The Lich King's army closes in from the North... all is lost.

Line 2: The dragon sleeps once more - the kingdom is saved!

Of Might and Magic's prequel (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: I'm surrounded by imps! Great... they're anoying.

Line 2: Solitary Mountain is just a little ways ahead...

Of Might and Magic's prequel sequel (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: I thought you said Solitary Mountain was just ahead... it's been a week!

Line 2: While the dragon slumbers now, she will not forever. Trust me.