You obtain this quest from your agent who tells you Spieler is making a new film based on the "Wizard of Oz" book. This is a once off event that ends on 11th March 2013.


Your agent is already trying to get you the role but The Hills Studio is relutant as they don't think you have enough experience in the "family" genre. You already have a few family-oriented projects lined up for you by your agent, and you have to complete 4 films to get the role in "From Oz". You will get two exclusive items after completing the film "From Oz".


Wreckin' Ray (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: Yeah, I have a little bit of a temper.

Line 2: Doesn't make me evil... doesn't help, either.

Doll Tale (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: Dolls. Dolls everywhere...

Line 2: You are a doll! I mean... "action figure."

Finding Wanda (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: We have to find her!

Line 2: When are we going?

Hotel Pennsylvania (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: Come for te large suites...

Line 2: Stay because you literally can't leave!

From Oz (Property of Rising Star studio)

Line 1: I hear there's a terrible blizzard heading our way!

Line 2: That witch isn't from the dark side of the moon...