Pierre St. Dunovain
Gender Male

Pierre is (according to Miguel) one of the hottests designers of fashion. His designs include clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women and animals. He will be wearing a oranged checkered shirt and sunglasses in Paris.


Miguel will tell you what the perfect piece for you in his Spring collection is (a black skirt, with slits if you're a woman; a black shirt , with ticket pockets if you're a man) which is essential to answering Pierre's questions later.

Infamous for his snobbery, Pierre personally picks the boutiques that his clothing is sold in and refuses to go to USA because he hates flying. Luckily (for the player), he loves celebrity and vanity, Miguel will ask you to use this in order to convince Pierre to let Miguel's boutique sell his designs.

When you meet Pierre, he will comment on how honored he is to have someone "as rich, attractive and fashionable as you" to know him and his work. He will procede to ask if you've worn anything of his, if you were paying attentiont o Miguel, you will know what to answer and he'll further flatter you saying that that he's thrilled to "have someone of your caliber" wear his designs. You can then talk to him about Miguel and convince him to let the boutique sell his clothing. When you go back to the boutique Miguel will tell you he sent you a package, which turns out to be a new design for you.