Your ranking is determined by your list in Los Angeles. They are sorted into six different lists, unlisted being the lowest rank to the A list being in the highest ranks. You get into higher ranks by gaining fans. The goal of Stardom: The A-List is to gain as many fans as possible by doing well on projects, getting attention from Starnews, and dating to get to the A-list.

You can click the Starnews icon in the menu to check Starnews and compare your fame against other celebrities in the Top Stars List. If you have Game Center or Facebook friends, it does not add on to the amount of rankings in the lists.


Fan amounts are approximate.

List Rank Fans Reward Description
No rank 0 fans None This is your starting list.
#579-# 1-5000  Staricon 3 Congratulations! You've made the E-List.
Get out there, get on TV, in movies, be seen in the right places with the right people... get more fans!

Make the A-List!

5000-50,000 Staricon 3

Congratulations! You've made the D-List.

It's possible that a stranger would recognize you on the street before forgetting about you completely.

50,000-500,000 Staricon 3

Congratulations! You've made the C-List.

You can now shout "Do you know who I am?!?" when fast food restaurants refuse to serve you breakfast in the afternoon.

500,000-5,000,000 Staricon 3 Congratulations! You've made the B-List.
But there are still lots of people who are more famous than you, and that one guy you met that one time didn't know who you were. Unacceptable.

You'll now have a chance at hit TV and big-budget movie opportunities!

5,000,000+ Staricon 3 Congratulations! You've made the A-List.
You've made it! But don't stop now, there are still tons more would-be fans out there. There are still people out there who don't absolutely love you. How is that possible?

Land lead roles in hit TV shows and blockbuster movies!