In Stardom: The A-List, you are allowed to date people and develop relationships!

There are four stages into the relationship. You can gain relationship points by dating them at bars and clubs, restaurants, and in different cities.

You can date anyone on your contacts list. You must meet people first to get them on your contacts. If you meet them and you flirt with them, you get a small boost in your relationship meter with them. You may date either gender. If you neglect your date for some time however, they will break up with you.

Every Heart1heart counts as one point towards your relationship meter. Note that you will always have the option to break up with them anytime you choose by calling them on a date and then selecting 'break up'.

While dates can be expensive, it is fairly rewarding to date as they will gain you plenty of fans and XPXP.

Relationship Levels

Level Status Description
Heart10-99 Casual
Heart1100-249 Dating
Heart1250-499 Couple
Heart1500-1250 Engaged This is the maximum level of relationship!


Level Date Length Date Requirement Date Reward
Heart10-99 1 hr Heart1
Heart1100-249 2 hr Heart1
Heart1250-499 3 hr Heart1
Heart1500-1250 4 hr 75Heart1 Heart1Heart1Heart1Heart1Heart1: +400Cash +40XP

Dating Locations

There are designated areas to date. You can call someone on a date by going to any of the locations below and tapping the DateIcon in the area. It will take you to your contacts list where you can call anyone on a date. Tap the phone icon near their name to call them.