Richard Stills
Gender Male
List BList B-List
Occupation Photographer

Richard Stills comes onto the scene in Rick Rolled, where he asks you to do a "racy" photoshoot for his "private collection".

Richard's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Richard is a world-famous fashion photographer and personal friend of Miguel's, and that's it. He also loves salmon rolls from Mr. Sushi and has a private collection of racy photographs...

Related Goals


Rick Rolled
Well hello, (Your Name). Look. At. You! Even more attractive than in Ordered Law: Internal Affairs, Season 6.

Speech thanks

And is that... it is! Mr. Sushi salmon rolls! I bet that Miguel tipped you off about my love of "salmon rolled"!
Oh! I don't know if Miguel told you, but I have a night here, then I need to catch a flight to Milan - or is it Toronto? - I forget... you know how these fashion weeks are.
Speech uh... sure

Anyway, I'm more than happy to do this shoot because Miguel is such a good friend of mine...
and I'm more than happy to waive my rather steep fee. But as I'm sure you know, nothing is truly free in this town...
1. Speech what do you mean?
2. Speech I do

1. I mean that I have done a favor for a friend and, in exchange, I need a... favor from you...
Speech what do you mean?

Nothing terrible, of course. Just a few "racy" photos of you for my... private collection.
a. Speech I'll do it
b. Speech I won't do it

2. Ah, good! Then you'll have no objections to posing for a few "racy" photos of you for my... private collection?
a. Speech I'll do it
b. Speech I won't do it

a. Bravo! You've made an easy decision! Let's begin!
Speech ok

b. ?

Showing some skin
Marvelous! These photos will be positively marvelous!

Speech thanks...