Sarah Vandalay
Gender Female
List EList E-List
Occupation Bartender

Sarah Vandalay will be behind the bar at The Leaky Cantina in the Neighborhood.

She is not always at The Leaky Cantina. Her hours seem erratic.

Background Trivia

Sarah is the punk bartender at The Leaky Cantina who will serve a drink in-between cleaning glasses. Buying a beverage from Sarah will cost Cash3 and in exchange she will share information about people who are currently in the bar.

Related Goals


Night Life

What can I get ya?
1. Speech order a drink Cash3
2. Speech nothing for now

1. OK. If you're headed back to the pool table, tell Friendly Actor/Actress to keep it down.
Speech ok

2. Suit yourself.
Speech ok

On Like Yeti Kong

Hey... I've seen you in here before. Have you tried the arcade machine yet? I have the high score; think you can beat it?
1. Speech yes
2. Speech no

1. Oh, really? I doubt it. In fact, I'll give you... I have 37 bucks on me! I'll give you it if you can beat my high score.

The game's right over there by the pool table...
Speech ok

2. That's because no one can...
Speech ok...