Simon Thurgood
Gender Male
List AList A-List
Occupation Manager

Simon Thurgood comes onto the scene as part of Thoroughly Good.

It is not possible to have him as a manager, however, he can give you some advice...

Background Trivia

Simon Thurgood is an old school buddy of Arnie's who is snooty with a big ego but a nice guy. He is the manager, personal friend and agent of Wendy Allen, and owner of Thoroughly Good Talent Agency. Simon believes a gentleman should never be seen without a good Scotch and Soda in hand, hence why he always have one at the ready.

Hollywood's elite team go to him for advice and should he feel like giving them said advice, he provides it to them - for a price. Simon Thurgood believes his portentous words are worth every penny. If you find yourself in New York and in need of his assistance, he often stays at The Fairlady Hotel.

Related Goals


Thoroughly Good
Driver, just bring my car round to the front, please...
1. Speech not your driver
2. Speech why the drink?
1. Oh! (Your Name)! But of course!
2. My dear (Your Name), - yes I know who you are - a gentleman should never been seen without a good Scotch and Soda in hand.

Your agent has told me much about you... I will be brief: Wendy Allen wants you for the lead in her upcoming play, Central Park East, but there is one thing you must first do.
Speech what's that?

Mrs. Allen's delightful husband, Stephen Allen, is also a wordsmith and he is producing a musical he has written.
His musical is dark, splendid, but will require someone of your pedigree in order to attract an audience. If you star in his production, you will star in Central Park East. That is the deal.
Speech take it

Excellent. One more requirement: Mr. and Mrs. Allen cannot know of this arrangement.
They must think that you heard of Mr. Allen's musical through the appropriate channels and wish to meet him. Understand?
Speech yes

You will make Mr. Allen very happy. He is in Los Angeles for a week; I will arrange for you to meet him at Club Venus.
Speech ok

Should you find yourself in New York and in need of my assistance, I often stay at The Fairlady Hotel...
Oh! And do not - do not! - mention Mr. Allen's age. He is insecure about his youth.
Speech ok...

Career Move
(Your Name), right? Enjoying your time in New York?
1. Speech yes
2. Speech no
1. Good for you. Mrs. Allen was quite happy with your performance - especially since it was only your second attempt at a live performance.

Speech how did you know?

There is little that I do not know about you, and much that I expect. You are a fine actor and I knew that you would bring success to Central Park East. It was simply good business.
1a. Speech be my manager
1b. Speech thanks (leave)
1a. Ah! Seeking career management is a wise choice; however, I am no one's "manager."

Hollywood's elite often come to me for advice, and should I feel like giving them said advice, I provide it to them - for a price.

I might add that my portentous words are worth every penny.
a1. Speech get advice Staricon5
a2. Speech not right now
a1. You learn quickly! My dear friend, your career has taken off and you are the talk of every town you set foot in; this will not be the case forever.

Every actor has her rise and inevitable fall in popularity, and the intelligent ones prepare for the latter. I recommend you expand yourself into the realm of business. You are admired for your fashion sense; your own fashion line seems an appropriate place to start, does it not?
Speech ok

And you are in luck. An acquaintance of yours, Mr. Morilaglu, is a good fashion designer as he is a gossip. Speak to him. He will be expecting you.
Speech thanks
2. Nor is the city. Do not delay in returning to Los Angeles. I promise that you will not be missed.
2a. Speech be my manager
2b. Speech thanks (leave)
2a. Ah! Your ambition reveals itself, and career management is a wise choice; however, I am no one's "manager".

Hollywood's elite often come to me for advice, and should I feel like giving them said advice, I provide it to them - for a price.

I might add that my portentous words are worth every penny.
a1. Speech get advice Staricon8
a2. Speech not right now
a2. ?
1b. ?
2b. ?
Clothing on the Line
(Your Name). I contacted Mr. Morilaglu regarding your new business endeavor, and he tells me: "I bet his/her line of the clothing will be a big success."
Speech great! Indeed. Poor English aside, I value his opinion; however, I do not like to "bet" or gamble on success.

Therefore, I have taken the liberty of securing you a guest appearance on a popular television drama, "Runaway Falls." You will wear your newly-created dress for your scene and success will be certain.
I have also informed my inside contact at Starnews of your appearance. Filming of your appearance on "Runaway Falls" begins in 24 hours.
Speech ok

The Game
Ah, (Your Name)! How delightful to see you! I was about to have my man call you to inform you that I wished to see you while I'm here. I have a proposition for you - a wager, almost - that you might find interesting; I was watching a film - the title of which escapes me - wherein the question was "What do you get someone who has it all?"
Speech ok...

The answer was: "Everything - after taking it away." An intriguing concept - one that I would - and can - pay handsomely to see occur in life. So much so that I proffer you the following: I will give you $10,000, as well as an exclusive indicator on your fame icon in exchange for all of your fame.
Speech tell me more

I will plant a Starnews story about you that will surely cause you to lose every single one of your fans. You can gain them back - but you will have to work for it. What do you say?

1.Speech re-explain
2. Speech decline
1. It's simple, really. In exchange for losing all of your fans and fame, I will give you, right now, $10,000 and your fame icon will change to reflect that you have decided to take on this challenge.
a. Speech accept (lose fans)
b. Speech decline
a. You're quite sure you want to do this? There will be no turning back.
a1. Speech accept (lose fans)
a2. Speech decline
a1. There is that intrepid attitude of yours - I do admire it! I will, of course, take care of everything. Just remember: this is our secret - no one else will know...
Speech ok

And see your publicist; by the time you arrive she will already be looking for you... Your fame icon will change once you have conversed with her.

Speech ok Cash+10,000
a2. ?
2 & b. It was, admittedly, a long shot. Be sure to visit me in New York when you can, my dear friend. Be seeing you, (Your Name).

Speech ok