People Involved


Charlene will call you and ask you to meet her at Mr. Sushi.

Charlene tells you that Anthony (Tony) has been calling her on her home number. She then tells you that Tony hasn’t been able to get into contact with you and would like to meet you in the Neighborhood.

Task Speak to Tony in Brockwillow

When you find Tony, he will tell you that someone left a script at Starbeans. It is written by Lou Penilli, who works for Klum-z Moving Company, the guy who moved you into the first apartment. He encourages you to send it to Charlene, as she has a good chance of getting it made.

If you agree, Tony will direct you to The Leaky Cantina to talk to Lou about it.

Goal Reward

Cash10 XP10

Following Goal

Speak to Lou Pinelli