Stars are the hard currency of Stardom: The A-List. It is used to purchase clothing, houses, furniture, get access to clubs, pets, energy, and to please people when things go wrong or for better results for certain actions.


Stars can be purchased from the Starshop by tapping the (ADD) near your stars with real currency.

Earning Stars

To earn stars, get high ratings on big movies, have co-stars, complete achievements, and complete big goals.

Stars can also be earned by the 'Get More Stars free' selection in the Starshop. To get the free cash you have the options to do a 'video offer' or 'other offers'. A maximum of 5 videos can be watched a day.
WARNING: Always be careful when trying to get stars for free from the 'other offers'. It is advised to never give your credit card information or have to pay for any offers as they may be scams. All offers are provided by external partners and Glu Games Inc. has no direct control over them. You MUST COMPLETE ALL STEPS detailed in each offer to receive stars.