Your agent will talk to you about a movie called Luminous Quasar that is going to be filming in Rising Star Studio. It is a superhero movie and the director George Spieler can't think of anyone but you to play either the hero or the villian. At this point you may chose either role to continue the quest.

Your agent will then inform you that he will contact you in a hour when the auditions begin and have the script prepared for you at the office. This is a 48 hour activity, which means you may have a chance to be nominated for a best actor / actress award.

Hero path:

Villian path:

The following are the lines for the villian Zeno in the script:

Line 1: Well, well... if it isn't The Luminous Quasar! How is my arch nemesis?

Line 2: Without your magical, diamond accretion disc, you're powerless to stop me, Quasar!

On the set, you talk to George Spieler about the movie and he tells you that little is known about the villian except for a few key details:

She murdered Quasar's parents.

The radioactive catepillar that bit the diamond accretion disc, from which Qusar gets her powers.

After learning this (it will take 5 energy) you will be directed to put on Zeno's costume (including a mask, top, pants and shoes) which are free. You will then be awarded fans and George will only respond to you with "Looking evil!".