Susan Mulgary
Gender Female
List BList B-List
Occupation Director

Susan Mulgary comes onto the scene as part Meeting Mulgary, where both you and your Rival are in the running for the role of 0707 in the new Jane Stock movie series. Susan asks to meet with you for your chance to impress her. She is also on set of all 3 movies.

Susan's appearance varies between players.

Background Triva

Susan Mulgary is a director, who has directed several dramas including; Daughter of a Priest," and "Dark Destiny," as well as a few action films, including "Comborun" and "Deathmaker IV."

She has been divorced twice, after both her ex-husbands, John Strade and Bruce Feland, were caught cheating on her. Susan can see why you don't get along with your Rival after meeting them.

Claiming to be a vegan, she secretly loves meat and hates those who are vegans. Mulgary also publicly claims to love theater, however she does not have any respect for anyone who does.

Related Goals


Meeting Mulgary

A Surprise Meeting: Speech I have information & Speech give false info

(Your Name)!
Speech hi!

Am I glad to see you!
1. Speech why? Energy 9
2. Speech come back later

1. Well... I met with Rival earlier, and let's just say that he/she is not what I'm looking for in "Casino Skyrise"!
The part is yours! I'll even get you signed on for the next two films after it. How does that sound?
Speech great!

Fantastic! After meeting him/her, I can see why you don't get along with that Rival...
And he/she even tried to blame you for what he/she said to me! Something about false information... what a loon!
Speech he/she is a loon