This goal becomes available at level 15, when speaking to Tony outside your apartment in the Neighborhood.

People Involved


Tony has some news! He has been approached by Channel 9! They're making a new reality show about friends of celebrities: "Friending with the Stars" and they want Tony to be on it! But there's a catch; they'll only put Tony on if you'll agree to be on the show.

  • Task Talk to Charlene at Mr. Sushi

Charlene believes the show is beneath a star like you, but it's the only way to get Tony on the show. You can make an appearance, where you'll get Cash 2000 for it, meanwhile if you host, you will get triple that and get Cash 6000, although it will hurt your star power.

Charlene will ask what you want to do. You have the options to say:

  • Speech appearance
  • Speech host
  • Speech neither

Your following goal is dependable on which answer you choose. Afterwards, go see Tony in the Neighborhood.

Goal Reward

+10Cash +10XP

Following Goal

Appearance: A "Real" Appearance