Tony Devera
Gender Male
List EList E-list
Occupation Starbeans Barista

Tony Devera is the first character you meet as part of the Introduction, where he guides you through the tutorial of the game. He continues to help you throughout the game where he secures you a shift at Starbeans and explains how shifts work as part of Day Job.

After the tutorial you will find Tony working behind the counter at Starbeans in the Neighborhood.

Background Trivia

Tony is a barista at the Neighborhood Starbeans. He is a childhood friend who is always there to help you out. Tony secures you a shift at Starbeans and also offers you loads of advice about the game's features.

Related Goals

Introduction Day Job Visit Warren Talk to Charlene
The Game Show Speak to Tony A "Real" Appearance


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

A "Real" Appearance

(Your Name)! I can't thank you enough for getting me on this show! I'll see you on-set! I can't believe I actually get to say that!
Speech ok XP+25

Bought a Bigger Place

Wow! A new (House Name)! No more crappy rented room for you!
Did you buy any new furniture?

1. Speech yes XP+5
2. Speech no
1. Great! I'm all for being frugal, but your old couch was... kinda smelly. Some new furniture will give you new things to do, and usually they reward you more than the usual stuff.
2. You should.. I'm all for being frugal, but your old couch is... kinda smelly.
Some new furniture will give you new things to do, and usually they reward you more the usual stuff.

Have you tried throwing a party?

a. Speech yes
b. Speech no
a. Cool! Parties are a great way to get your friends to help you earn rewards and even new fans (if the party is really awesome).XP+5

Speech friends?

b. Parties are a great way to get your friends to help you earn rewards and even new fans (if the party is really awesome). To start a party, touch the pink party button (next to the fridge). Choose how long, then touch each of the pink buttons to invite guests.

Speech friends?

It's best to invite your real-world Stardom-playing friends - if they attend you can use them to get rewards. You can invite contacts from the game too, but sometimes they show up late or not at all... not very good for the party.
Speech ok

Day Job

Tony is calling...

Hey, my co-worker (Rival) didn't show up at Starbeans Coffee, and my manager Warren said he's hiring part-time replacements! It's not a role in a movie, but I know you need the cash. Starbeans is down the street: scroll to the right, and touch the arrow to Cromptown.
Speech ok

At Starbeans

Warren's at the back. Introduce yourself and we'll get started.
Speech ok

Use the menu in the bottom right to change your clothing. Put on your Starbeans uniform and we'll start.
Speech ok

Doing tasks for bigger jobs isn't really different, except that now tasks count towards how well you do the job. The key to success is to do as much as you can during the job's time limit. The stars in the bottom left show how well you've done. Ready?
Speech start Time 3 min

After shift

Thanks for the help! You can come back later to earn some quick cash by taking shifts.

Until then, you should check out The Leaky Cantina next door. It's a real dive bar, but it's a good (and cheap) place to unwind and meet people.
Speech ok


You've been telling me that you wanted to leave our hometown since grade school, and you're finally here. I guess you're serious about making it big. Let's go up to the room you rented and I'll help you get settled in.
Speech ok

OK, let's get started. Things you can do have little pointers. Getting stuff done usually costs Energy... and gives you XP or Cash. Try unpacking the boxes.
Speech ok

Great... that's done. This place isn't as small as it looks: try swiping the screen to look around. The movers should be here by now - let's go back down to the street and find your old couch.
Speech ok

Why is your couch still down here? We should ask the driver what's up.
Speech ok

As much as I'd love to help you carry that thing upstairs, I'm late for work. Can you convince him to do it?
Speech ok

That's the charismatic go-getter I remember! Using that sort of charm will get you what you want - and fast.

Crap, I'm late for work at Starbeans. You should go upstairs and finish unpacking - I'll call you later.
Speech ok

Talk to Charlene

Hey! I have some news!
I was approached by Channel 9; apparently they're making a new reality show about friends of celebrities: "Friending with the Stars."
They want me to be on it! Sure, it's a direct rip-off of several existing programs, but which reality show isn't?
Speech that's great!

Well... almost great! They said that they'll put me on if you'll agree to be on the show - just an appearance!
Speech I'll think about it...

Thanks! This could be a good opportunity for me!
Speech ok

Visit Warren

Hey (Your Name)! I was just on my way to Starbeans. Actually, Warren wanted to ask you for a favor.

1. Speech sure
2. Speech what?
1. Great! I'm not sure what he wants exactly, though. He was promoted to regional manager recently, and he's been busy. He told me he's down at the new Starbeans location on the coast. Do you mind going to see him?
Speech ok
2. He didn't say, but since he was promoted to regional manager, he's been working hard at the Starbeans down on the Coast. Do you mind going down there to see him? I know he's kind of a jerk, but he did help you out.
a. Speech ok XP+5
b. Speech no