Warren Smith
Gender Male
List EList E-List
Occupation Starbeans Manager

Warren Smith comes onto the scene early on in the game, as part of Day Job where your friend, Tony, arranges for you to work a shift at Starbeans.

Background Trivia

Warren Smith is the manager of the Starbeans Coffee chain. You will find Warren in all three of the Starbeans.

After your first shift at Starbeans you can continue working at any of the Starbeans, unless you tell Warren you quit. Once you have quit your Barista job there is no going back. By working at Starbeans you can gain some Cashcash and the achievement Day Job.

After your interview at the neighborhood Starbeans, Warren will no longer be seen here.

At The Coast Starbeans, if you choose to talk to Warren he will ask you if you want a shift. You can choose "yes" or "no". If you choose yes, he will ask how much time you have. You can then pick your shift length: 1 hour or 4 hours. if you cancel or choose "no" earlier, he will sarcastically assume you came to waste his time.

Related Goals


Day Job
What is it? Ah, you must be Tony's friend. What's your name?

Speech err... uhh...

This is where you enter your name

Hello (Your Name). Normally I'd interview you for the job, but Tony says I can count on you, and I trust him.

Besides, (Rival) didn't show up, and we need someone ASAP. Here's your uniform... put it on and talk to Tony when you're ready to start.
Speech ok

Visit Warren
Hey (Your Name). Thanks for coming by. I was hoping you'd be willing to help out around here.
1. Speech with what?
2. Speech no
1. Nothing you haven't done before... I was thinking you could just fill in for an hour. I'm having trouble finding good help, and at least you know what you're doing.
a. Speech ok +10XP
b. Speech no